SIGCSE Members Blog on Ada Lovelace Day!

I requested yesterday that SIGCSE members send me the url of blogs they wrote extolling women in technology. I thank the several members who responded.

You may also enjoy going through the list of links to blogs posted on the Ada Lovelace Day Site.  The blogs are categorized several ways — the list view gives  the person featured, the blog title and the blogger’s name.

My compiled list in reverse order of their receipt follows:

  1. Matt Jadud  featured his PhD supervisor, Sally Fincher.
  2. Tonya Groover compiled a list of women in PhD programs that motivate her: Sheena Lewis, Beth Adams, Deana Brown, Elodie Billionniere. Glenesha Johnson, Yolanda Rankin ,Tammara Massey, Wanda Eugene, and Shanee Dawkins
  3. Eugene Wallingford highlighted Adele Goldberg.
  4. Deepak Kumar pointed me to the Bryn Mawr CS home page and the linked blog by Kimberly Blessing that featured Amy (Biermann) Hughes and Sarah Hacker, two Bryn Mawr grads.
  5. John Dougherty blogged about his 2008 co chair Susan Rodger, appropriately on the SIGCSE 2008 Symposium blog.
  6. Alfred Thompson named several role models but featured his wife, Thelma.
  7. Doug Blank lauded the “next generation” of  women in his blog, singling out :  Dianna Xu and Xiaohang Quan.
  8. Ellen Walker pointed me to Annemeike Craig’s ACM-W blog telling the story of Sandy, an IT manager.
  9. Mark Guzdial told about three heroines in his Amazon blog: Janet Kolodner, Amy Bruckman and Barb Ericson.
  10. I blogged about one of the women I interviewed for the Computing Educator’s Oral history project, Tracy Camp.

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